Discipline is Not a Trend

On my way home I saw a man jogging in a shirt and shorts. It is 3°C outside. He was running the inclined trail going by the pedestrians, whose attention was caught for seconds.

I also was a bit surprised to see such a thing in this weather. But soon I regrouped my thoughts. It did not make a sense to me.

I do not want to judge this guy of being a pretender or a show-man. But I am not that impressed after all. I only saw him once and I take the same road home everyday and pretty much at the same time.

To me, if he were to look really disciplined, then I should have seen him at least two times.

It reminded me of my years in Tunisia, when I was jogging each weekend. I used to see a lot of new faces each weekend of spring time. Some of them were young guys “training” their muscles near the bar. I won’t forget that one guy who did pushups with a cigarette in his mouth! But very few faces were familiar from a weekend to another. I only remember one old man, jogging constantly and minding his own shit. I could see him at least one or two times on the track each weekend.

If you do some kinds of activities that appear absurd in time and space, and if you expose yourself to the outside world expecting people to admire you, then you have a problem; you either don’t have the discipline to do the things you need to do when you are alone, or you want some external element to motivate you. Either way, you have a low score on the discipline scale. And I fell in this trap over and over again, year after year.

I used to need a Youtube video or a “motivational speech” to pump me with discipline during certification studies. I used to look for transformational videos in Youtube to give me some motivation to continue – or to even begin- a workout session.

I felt like a Duracell rabbit working on canned motivation.

I am still working on disciplining myself through physical exercise first, at least 6 times a week. I don’t like the process most of the time. In fact, I talk shit to myself a lot right before I work out. It is not a comfortable process. I learned that from David Goggins. Force yourself through pain in order to see the light at the other end of the tunnel.

Discipline is not a trend.

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