Directory Number Configuration And Line Appearance

The network setup: we have three phones registered to CUCM:

  • one CIPC: x1000
  • one EyeBeam: x1002
  • one X-Lite: x1003

The below settings will be applied to the line 1000 as it pertains to the device CIPC

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_31_24

Line Text Label

Without it, the phone simply displays the line extension

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_30_44

I modified it to “si Rchid” and “si Rchid” now appears as the name of the line.

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_31_44

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_33_54

Display (Caller ID)

When CIPC calls Eyebeam, Eyebeam sees a call from x1000:

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_35_12

If I want EyeBeam to see the call coming from “Rchid”, I configure it at the Display (Caller ID) field.

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_38_50

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_36_12

But the other way around is not true. When Eyebeam calls CIPC at x1000, the called number does not get transformed to Rchid Bolice:

cisco-cucm-directory-number-configuration-line-appearance--2016-07-02 13_42_05

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