CUCM Drop Down Menus not Working

You have been configuring Cisco CUCM with no problems until you upgraded your Chrome. Then you could no longer access to all the CUCM drop down menus.

This is an old issue. But I think this issue appeared on Chrome since version 47. Before that, Chrome used to work like a charm. But don’t worry because there is a workaround for that.

Checking Google Chrome version

Check your Chrome version first. Go to Help –> About Google Chrome

checking chrome version

Read the Version:

discovering chrome version

Installing and using IE Tab to make CUCM menus work

First, you need to download and install a wonderful Chrome extension called IE Tab. This extension emulates an Internet Explorer tab when browsing a web page. It’s a sort of having IE withing Chrome.

  • add IE Tab extension to Chrome,
  •  In the upper right corner, the IE Tab extension is added.

installed IEtab to solve the cucm drop down menus problem

  • open a new Chrome tab
  • click on the IE Tab extension button. A special URL field appears. Type the URL of CUCM in it:

typing cucm pages in IEtab to solve the cucm drop down menus problem

  • The CUCM web page opens. Log in and start playing with CUCM drop down menus:

drop-down-menu-chrome-dont-work-2016-01-02 16_19_56

I click on Gateways and I successfully get the sub-menu:

cucm drop down menus problem is disappeared

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