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CUCM Digit Manipulation

Global transformations: Calling Party Transformation Pattern

Instead of applying the Calling Party Transform Mask directly to the Route list detail level, we can make this transformation independent from any construct, by defining it as a global transformation.

We define the transformation pattern, assign it to a special kind of CSS that we name Transformation CSS. And the CSS is invoked by CUCM whenever we need to transform the Calling or Called party number.

For example, we want to create a transformation pattern that transforms the calling party number of Branch1 phones to the DID number 4048812100:

  • We create the transformation pattern partition (Trans_PT) that will serve as a container for the transformation pattern. To create it, we do the same steps as to create a simple partition.
cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_26_32
  • We create the transformation CSS (Trans_CSS) that will serve as a container for the transformation partition we’ve just created. This CSS will be invoked by the device (gateway or trunk), for outbound call legs in our example.
cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_27_08
  • We create the global transformation pattern: Call Routing -> Transformation -> Transformation Pattern -> Calling Party Transformation Pattern
cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_25_56
  • Configure Branch1’s gateway: at the gateway configuration page, in the Call Routing Information – Outbound Calls, unset the checkbox Use Device Pool’s Calling Party Transformation CSS and set the Calling Party Transformation CSS to the Trans_CSS we created
cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_31_27
  • Reset the gateway and the Route list and make the outbound PSTN call from Branch1.
cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_35_26
cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_35_36

To make sure that it is really the global transformation that is doing the job, I added a x3002 to another phone in Branch1. Since the DN starts with 3, the global transformation pattern of 2XXX does not apply here. So in the outbound call leg, extension 3002 won’t be translated to anything.

cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_46_41
cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 10_46_52

The Calling Party number was not transformed.

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