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CUCM Digit Manipulation

Digit manipulation: Caller ID DN

Here is something more powerful that route patterns or route list details, when it comes to manipulating the caller ID. We call it Caller ID DN.

Caller ID DN is set at the device level and it trumps any caller ID information that was set higher in the chain.

In the following example, I set Caller ID DN to something unmeaningful just to experience what it will look like.

cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 15_28_38

And I call again:

cucm-digit-manipulation-2016-06-05 15_29_08

The Calling Party number was set to the value of Caller ID DN.

Digit manipulation: Called Party Transform Masks

In my home lab, I use the Called Party Transform Mask to change the route pattern for national calls, from a 11-digit pattern to a 10-digit pattern. This transformation occurs after the Discard Digits instruction.

Here is the Called Party Transform Mask on the route pattern on the HQ gateway.

digit-manipulation-2016-06-04 18_54_33
digit-manipulation-2016-06-04 18_54_49

I also used the same construct on the Branch1 gateway.

digit-manipulation-2016-06-04 18_55_40
digit-manipulation-2016-06-04 18_55_48

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