How To Configure Cisco CUCM Auto Registration

We are re going to configure Auto registration on CUCM using minimum settings.

1. Define the default signaling protocol

Login to CUCM. Then go to Systems –> Entreprise Parameters

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_48_23

Choose the signaling protocol that phones will use to auto-register to CUCM. We have either SCCP or SIP.

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_48_48

By default, IP phones will use the signaling protocol that is defined in Enterprise Parameters.

2. Enable The Feature on at Least One CUCM Group

Go to Cisco Unified CM Group:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_49_03

Click on the Unified CM Group that you want phones to register to:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_49_12

Verify that this checkbox is activated:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_49_21

3. Enable It on one CUCM Server

Go to Cisco Unified CM

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_49_30

Select the Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber server that phones will register to:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_49_41

Uncheck the Auto Registration Disabled on This Cisco Unified Communications Manager checkbox. Then define the range of extensions that will be assigned to the auto-registered phones:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration-2016-01-02 16_49_55

Here is an example of a successfully registered phone on CUCM:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-07-24 08_28_08

Notice that the Auto Registration feature gave the DN of 1000 to the line associated with the phone, and the DN is in partition None.

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-07-24 08_28_30

It’s not a good practice to leave the DN in the None partition. So we will put it in the Internal_PT. Make sure there is no other DN 1000 in Internal_PT partition.

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-07-24 08_31_33

Disabling the Feature on a CUCM Group

Once auto-registration is activated on a CUCM group, it is not possible to disable it with the same checkbox. In fact, the checkbox is greyed.

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-08-09 13_00_34
So we can not disable it on the CUCM group “UCM.Group1”

Instead, we select another CUCM group and assign to it the capability:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-08-09 13_01_50

Deleting a CUCM Group configured with Auto-Registration

It is not possible to immediately delete a CUCM group configured with auto-registration; instead, we need to assign the capability to another group first. For example, we set the Default CUCM group with auto-registration temporarily while we delete UCM.Group1:

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-07-31 14_47_11

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-07-31 14_47_30

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-07-31 14_47_56

cisco-cucm-auto-registration--2016-07-31 14_48_10
We have successfully deleted “UCM.Group1”

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