Configuring Cisco ACI OOB Management

Summary of the configuration steps

  • have in mind the subnet you are going to use for out of band, and its gateway IP address.
  • assign the OOB subnet to selected nodes
  • define an OOB contract, with a subject and a default filter. This contract will be used in both directions: provide and consume.
  • set the OOB contract as a provided contract by the default OOB EPG
  • create an External Network Instance Profile
  • set the OOB contract as a consumed contract by the external management network instance profile.

Detailed configuration steps

  • position yourself on tenant mgmt
  • Create a Node Management Address:
  • give it a name next to Policy Name
  • Select Nodes by: choose specific then select the nodes that will receive IP addresses
  • under Config select “out-of-band addresses”
  • select the default EPG as the Out-of-band Management EPG
  • define the out-of-band gateway.
  • define the subnet range of OOB IP addresses that will be assigned to the previously selected nodes.
  • confirm
  • Position your self under Out-of-Band Contracts. Prior to ACI v4 you click on Security Policies. In ACI v4 you find the OOB Contracts menu under Contracts directly.
  • define a new contract name
  • expand the Subjects by clicking on the plus sign:
  • name the subject:
  • Expand the Filters
  • select the filter default from the drop down list:
  • select the default out-of-band EPG under Node Management EPGs
  • click on it and expand the Provided Out-of-Band Contracts. Select the previously created contract:
  • Create a External Management Network Instance Profile

Give it a name:

  • expand Consumed Out-of-Band Contracts and select the same OOB contract created before:

Additional Ressources on Configuring OOB Management on ACI

  • Configure the OOB for ACI Fabric, prior to v4:

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