Configuring A CUCM Route List

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CUCM route lists, Route patterns and route groups trace the path of a call inside a company and outside of it. The Cisco best practice is:

  • to point a route pattern to a route list
  • to point a route list to one or more route groups
  • to point a route group to one or more devices.

To learn more about route lists before starting with the config, I suggest you check this good theoretical introduction.

Implementation of the Example Setup

I configured for HQ site:

  • a CUCM route list named CorpHQ-RL
  • a route group named CorpHQ-RG that points to the HQ H.323 gateway.

I configured the same for Branch1:

  • a CUCM route list named Branch1-RL
  • a route group named Branch1RG that points to the Branch1 H.323 gateway.

cucm-route-list-route-group-2016-05-29 15_42_21

cucm-route-list-route-group-2016-05-29 15_42_43

cucm-route-list-route-group-2016-05-29 15_43_00

cucm-route-list-route-group-2016-05-29 15_43_11

Let us start with HQ site:

In my home lab, I pointed all route patterns to the same route list. For example, pattern 911:

route pattern configuration in the HQ site

Now the branch site:

The same pattern 911 in the Branch1 office points to the Branch1-RL.

route pattern configuration in the branch

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