IOS Commands To Verify Voice Ports

show voice port

“show voice port” displays verbose information about all the voice ports on a voice gateway.

Let’s examine “show voice port” on a E1 PRI gateway:

ios-commands-verify-voice-ports----2016-03-24 19_51_19

ios-commands-verify-voice-ports----2016-03-24 19_51_30

ios-commands-verify-voice-ports----2016-03-24 19_51_44

ios-commands-verify-voice-ports----2016-03-24 19_52_00

On this gateway, we have two E1 PRI trunks, thus two voice ports. Each voice port is in the form “slot/subunit/port:signaling channel”.

In the table that comes after each displayed voice port, we have 31 lines. These are the available channels on each PRI link. Notice that the column “CH” refers to timeslot, and not the channel. The 16th timeslot carries the 15th channel, which is the signaling channel (D channel).

show voice port summary

This command lists the voice ports and their timeslots combined into one table.

ios-commands-verify-voice-ports----2016-03-24 19_56_00

ios-commands-verify-voice-ports----2016-03-24 19_56_13


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