Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App

As soon as you get introduced to Cisco media resources, you will learn about one specific service: the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service.

What is this service responsible for?

The Streaming App service is responsible for running (or stopping) the following software media resources:

  • Conferencing,
  • Annunciator,
  • Music on Hold, and
  • Media Termination Point,

This can be accomplished from a single location in CUCM. Besides, The main settings of these media resources can be changed on the same CUCM GUI.

Checking the service status

Ever got surprised not to find your configured media resources on CUCM? That’s probably a sign that the service is not running. Here is the way to verify that:

  • In the navigation menu, select Cisco Unified Serviceability and click the Go button


  • In Cisco Unified Serviceability menu, go to Tools –> Service Activation


  • Select the server where the Media Streaming App service is located and click Go button


  • In Service Activation menu, under CM Services, look for the entry named Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App.


If the activation status says Deactivated, then do the following:

  • tick the checkbox next to IP Voice Media Streaming App


  • click on the Save button


  • confirm the warning message by clicking on OK

image popup while activating/deactivating a service

  • Now, it should read Activated.

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