In this short article we learn how to configure one popular digital media player, the Cisco Edge 300.

The Edge 300 does not come with an initial IP address. It needs to be set with a DHCP server. So you should connect a DHCP server to one of the four Ethernet ports the digital media player has. There is a freeware DHCP server called TFTPD64. It’s simple and easy to use.

  • set the DHCP server with adequate parameters. The most basic ones are:
    • the DHCP starting address of the pool
    • the pool size
    • the subnet mask
    • the IP gateway
  • Connect your computer directly to the Cisco Edge 300 with a straight-through Ethernet cable. there is little time after the device gets an IP address through DHCP. You must be quick to enter the web GUI and make the ip address allocation static:
    • Open a web browser
    • connect to the device URL with https://{IP address}. You’ll land on the Welcome page.


  • in the digital media player home page, go to Basic


  • Scroll down to the IP Configuration section. Change the value to Static


  • Make the necessary configuration settings and click on Apply

cisco-edge-300 IP configuration

  • Now the system may ask you to reboot the device. I’ll choose not to do anything, because you never know maybe you reboot the device while it still has the old configuration.
  • Register the device using the wizard. To do that, look at this link

You find more information on the Edge 300 here.

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