How To Solve The Cisco CUCM HTTP status 404- /ccmadmin/ Error

In this short post I am giving a solution to the HTTP Status 404 ccmadmin error in CUCM.

This error occurs when the CUCM web server no longer responds. It may happen without prior notice and it can be a pain in the ass.


http status 404 ccmadmin

If you are running CUCM on Vmware and you’ve just installed CUCM, I highly recommend you take a snapshot, because it is possible that you will revert the image back to a previous point.

Otherwise, here are the only options you’ve got:

  1. wait until the web server gets back online, which was recommended by a fellow engineer here.
  2. restart the web server from CLI.

I’ll assume you are impatient so you choose option 2 :)

By the way, to display the list of Cisco services in CLI, do a “utils service list” or better “utils service list page”, which allows you to browse the services page by page, by pressing the space bar.

http status 404 ccmadmin--2016-06-26 16_15_36

http status 404 ccmadmin--2016-06-26 16_16_46

The web server service is called Cisco Tomcat. Sometimes you think Tomcat is started but it is playing tricks in the background.

To restart it anyway:

utils service restart Cisco Tomcat

Perform this command exactly like that, case sensitive. And thus the HTTP Status 404 ccmadmin error nightmare disappears!

http status 404 ccmadmin--2016-06-26 16_19_18


  1. May 10, 2019

    Thanks, I have this problem and Tomcat is started but I dont watch my web interface. I will restart tomcat and now all started.

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