Cisco CCNA 200-301 Exam Study Material

In this article I am going to expose the best resources according to me there are on the market that help you study for the new CCNA 200-301 exam.

Before the Cisco certification renovation, I reviewed a couple of video training products. Unfortunately, there is still not enough training material for the new 200-301 exam out there. Sure there is the Cisco Press book. But, speaking from my experience, it would be not enough to pass a Cisco exam that just came fresh out of the oven with only the official study guide…

Cisco New CCNA 200-301 Vol1 and Vol2 Deluxe, by Laz Diaz

The good news is that Lazaro Diaz, a popular name in the Cisco video training industry, is publishing, in pre-release, the new updated Cisco 200-301 video course on

Course cover © Laz Diaz

As of 01.03.2020, the course is still on pre-sale for about 249$ and the promotional code is “NEWCERT”. And every few weeks, the price will change until it reaches the full price of $2,200.00!

Who is Laz?

Lazaro Diaz, a Cisco and Microsoft Trainer, has more than 13 years experience. He developed high-rated courses about networking on Udemy and, and has more than 35,000 students. He taught IT courses for companies like New Horizons, The Academy of South Florida and The Florida Marlins. He also teaches in his own training facility in Florida.

Sneak Preview of the CCNA 200-301 Vol1&Vol2 Deluxe Course

I enrolled in the course to see what it looks like and what Laz has to offer for CCNA exam candidates. As soon as I entered the course, I saw the following dashboard:

CCNA 200-301 Deluxe course dashboard © Laz Diaz

As mentioned in the course title, there is volume 1 and volume 2:

Volume 1 of the course © Laz Diaz
Volume 2 of the course © Laz Diaz

Under each volume you find different learning modules, which correspond to the exam curriculum.


Let’s say for example I want to learn the module “WLAN Topology”. I simply click on Start button to launch the video session.

The video starts with an introduction of the topics I am going to learn, done by Laz himself, with his engaging and dynamic style:

Introduction of the learning module © Lazaro Diaz

Then as we progress into the module, the instructor dives deeper into the details:

A sample working topology related to the learning module © Laz Diaz

As soon as I finished the learning module, it is automatically marked as “complete” and the next learning module is played:

finished learning module is marked as completed © Laz Diaz

In another module, I can follow with Laz typing the commands he displays on the screen:

CLI configuration of IPv6 © Laz Diaz

As student in this course you need to have basic networking knowledge and I encourage you to have some sort of knowledge with network simulators such as Packet Tracer or GNS3. That’s because Laz produces scenarios built mainly around network simulators.

Why do I have to enroll in a video training to prepare for the New CCNA exam?

Take a look at the picture below. It is a bit old, but look at the prices:

ccna 200-301 training price

If you do the math, you have to pay either 3695$ or 6590$. And once the bootcamp is over, everything is left in the training room. And I did not include the cost of the Cisco certification exam. So you have an idea on how much the CCNA certification could cost!

Now, this compared to a video boot camp that you can watch anytime anywhere and save thousands of dollars in your wallet. Not a bad idea!

As I mentioned earlier in this post, this course is one of the few very first video trainings that help to study for the new curriculum. The course is in pre-release mode. So you will find more and more videos in your basket as Laz is recording new videos.

But the course is not finished. Why should I buy an incomplete course anyway?

The instructor was clear with his statement below:

Do you still have in mind that the new CCNA cert is only a week old now and that it encompasses quite a big number of new topics?

The instructor is clearly not throwing old material from the previous CCNA curriculum. In fact, he is recording the new videos and putting them as soon as possible into his course. So any student enrolling in his course will benefit from a list of learning modules that is growing over time.


Cisco NEW CCNA (200-301) – Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 – DELUXE by Laz includes a good introduction into the CCNA topics. I would have liked to see companion guides in the form of PDF files which would help the student reproduce the course topologies on his own. But nevertheless, this course would be definitely a complementary learning resource for candidates especially those who are new to the CCNA exam world.

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