We saw in the past an example of NTP configuration on IOS. In this short article we aboard NTP on ACI and we configure an ACI Date&Time (NTP) Pod policy. NTP must indeed be configured and synchronized on APIC and all fabric nodes.

The Date&Time Pod policy is an example of fabric policies.

Summary of steps

  • Create a Date and Time Pod policy (or NTP fabric policy)
  • Create a Pod policy group and invoke the Date and Time Pod Policy in it.
  • Create a Pod Profile. Select the Pod number and attach the Pod policy group to it

Detailed Steps

set the Administrative State and the Server State to enabled

Click on the + sign to add servers:

Choose the management EPG, i.e. This step is needed if the fabric nodes will access the NTP server through an external management network (out-of-band): If the management is in-band, you don’t need the management EPG here.

our server entry is added:

We must associate the NTP policy to a policy group, and precisely it is named a Pod Policy Group. You go to Fabric -> Fabric Policies -> Pods -> Policy Groups. Then with a rightclick Create Pod Policy Group

Select the NTP policy from the drop-down menu near Date Time Policy:

Now we associate the Pod Policy Group with a Pod Profile:

Pod Selector allows to choose on which Pod in the fabric the NTP fabric policy group will be applied.

Click on Blocks to choose the Pod ID.

Click on Policy Group to choose the desired Pod Policy Group:

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