Interesting Facts On VMware vSphere

Ever wondered about software-defined data centers? Well I guess you experimented a bit with VMware Workstation sometime in your networking journey. If not, then I hope you have heard of VMware vSphere, because in the following short article I expose my study notes on the topic. Terminology Having experimented with VMware Workstation in my college … Read more

Scheduling Vmware exam through Pearson Vue

There’s an info on the Internet that says it’s possible to pass Vmware VCA certs for free. It’s been a while now and Vmware retired this offer. However, there are some folks that say they could get around and pass without spending a penny. They say it’s a matter of combining promo codes. I’ve been … Read more

Cloud Service Models

Cloud providers in general and Vmware in particular defines at least three typical vCloud service models.   Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Flexible environment: customers have complete control over the VMs on which their applications run customers are responsible for OS patching and VM maintenance two services emerged from the IaaS: Desktop as a Service … Read more

Vmware vCloud: My Study Notes

Here are my quick and dirty notes while I was preparing for the VMware vCloud VCA certification. Cloud Deployment Models The cloud can be deployed in one of four ways: Private cloud: all the hardware and the software is owned by the organization management and monitoring is the responsibility of the organization (the IT department) … Read more

Vmware Datacenter Virtualization: VCA-DCV

Today I successfully passed the exam! I got a score of 420. How I studied for the exam I watched the Vmware E-learning fundamental videos, took notes, reviewed them with a big mind map, then registered and sat for it. I sat studying in many small sessions (remember the power of chunking). What it feels … Read more