Just When You Don’t Expect It

It’s funny how sometimes you think you are making progress, and suddenly something unexpected happens and destroys the flow. I was steadily improving my life: I was having less and less breaks during Insanity Max 30 sessions, studying more for the WCNA exam, enjoying good health. Then yesterday a colleague of mine opened the window, … Read more

The Value of Cisco Certifications

Every now and then I read an article about the value of Cisco certifications, and how they are declining over time. Depending on whether the question is from a perspective of advancing in career through another Cisco cert, or from the perspective of choosing a network certification between Cisco and another vendor. The question can … Read more

Looking For Halal Investment Opportunities

In Germany there are many opportunities to invest money. But for a Moslem like me, finding a Halal option is not an easy task. After intense Internet searches and countless hours, I stumbled across two companies that seem to offer halal products: INAIA GmbH Halalcheck4u.de The first one specializes in creating gold saving plans. The … Read more

Discipline is Not a Trend

On my way home I saw a man jogging in a shirt and shorts. It is 3°C outside. He was running the inclined trail going by the pedestrians, whose attention was caught for seconds. I also was a bit surprised to see such a thing in this weather. But soon I regrouped my thoughts. It … Read more

Your 40%

If you ever listened to David Goggins in his audio-book, you would have heard about the 40% rule. Basically what it stipulates, is that we operate at our perceived maximum potential which is really no more than 40%. Since I was taking the Goggins model to heart, I started constantly pushing my limit physically. And … Read more