Respect your Clients

This is an obvious piece of advice. But respect comes disguised often times.– Giving back money to your client with a smile is a sign of respect,– listening to customer complaints with empathy and attention is a sign of respect, Why am I telling these two sentences? because today I’ve been treated with disrespect from … Read more

Working as a Network Engineer

When you tell people that you work as a network engineer, clients usually think that you are “Mr All-computer-stuff”. They expect you to fix any computer issue they have at work. They may even ask you to help them open a file attachment that their sister-in-law sent to them in a mail they received in … Read more

Exam day is near

Two days are left before I sit for my TSHOOT exam. I feel confident about it since I have a first taste of it: I read feedback given by test takers that it was a nice experience. I practiced the official Cisco TSHOOT topology on GNS3 with different protocols. I ought to be ready for … Read more

Asking good questions

Sometimes it seems that things don’t go as expected. Sometimes I think I made mistakes or I did bad calculations. But what if I was asking myself wrong questions? What if I say to myself : – what do I really want, if I knew it was achievable? – what can I do, to enjoy … Read more

Conversation With a CCIE

One of my collegues is an old CCIE, from the days of Cisco WAN certifications. He worked with Telefonica, a big Spanish Telco company. He managed to take a bunch of spare routers to build a lab on his office desk. He studied for the written exam during three months, then took a year to … Read more

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