Using Maintenance and Troubleshooting tools and Apps

show | redirectto display cisco.txt file on console:show | teeThe output is displayed then redirected to file cpu processes cpu history : the following 3 processesconfig replace– I changed the hostname on ASW1. The change is seen on the running-conf and not on the startup-conf.– we want to rollback changes, i.e. restore the … Read more Using Maintenance and Troubleshooting tools and Apps

Configuring Route Redistribution

We learn in this post how to configure route redistribution between OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and static routes. The first section depicts OSPF route redistribution into EIGRP. The second section gives an example of redistributing static routes into EIGRP. And lastly we see an example of redistributing BGP into OSPF. Injecting OSPF prefixes into EIGRP – … Read more Configuring Route Redistribution