Voice Translation Rules And Voice Translation Profiles


Testing voice translation rules To see how a voice translation rule applies to a particular string, use the command “test voice translation-rule {ruleset} {string}” Using Translation rules and translation profiles to manipulate the calling and called numbers Here is the lab setting: Mongi Shop is in Austin. Mongi wants to buy a bicycle from a … Read more

Playing With Cisco IP Communicator


In this post we’ll learn how to install Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) inside a virtual machine. The¬†virtualization software we will use is Oracle VM VirtualBox. There are two steps: copy CIPC installation files from the host machine to the guest virtual machine, install the CIPC software. Copying installation files to the virtual machine The Cisco … Read more

How To Configure Cisco CUCM Auto Registration


We are re going to configure Auto registration on CUCM using minimum settings. 1. Define the default signaling protocol Login to CUCM. Then go to Systems –> Entreprise Parameters Choose the signaling protocol that phones will use to auto-register to CUCM. We have either SCCP or SIP. By default, IP phones will use the signaling … Read more

4 Free Softphones To Use In Your CCNP Collaboration Home Lab


In this post, I’ll show you some popular free softphones that you can configure and register to your CCNP Collaboration home lab. We are going to study the following free softphone models: IP Blue VTGO-PC Counterpath X-lite Ekiga Express Talk IP Blue VTGO-PC VTGO-PC is in my opinion the best of the free softphones for … Read more

Cisco IP Phone Manuals

Here is a collection of the official end user guides (or manuals) of the major Cisco IP phones on the market. I will only mention the manuals for the latest Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express versions. Cisco IP phone 7942G manuals Cisco IP phone 7942G end user guide for … Read more