Should A Network Engineer Get A Certification or A Degree?

Introduction When you are studying in college and are a couple of years before graduating, you may be thinking a lot about the time you are spending studying for a college degree vs studying for an IT certification. Let’s suppose you have a strong academic background. Do you need to get an IT certification? There are … Read more

Solarwinds Certified Professional: Pass

Passed today on my second attempt. 95% of the questions are different from what I had in my last attempt. I was saying “Oh s***” during the exam. Most of the topics I reviewed were not covered in the second attempt, which makes me think that Solarwinds certification team is generating new questions each time. … Read more

Solarwinds Certified Professional: Failed

I sat for the exam and failed on my first attempt with 68.8%, which is not bad I messed up the Orion section, the exam requires some hands on. I’ve only used NPM in very basic ways (top 10, device details) I knew the logic of things since I’ve been using Cisco LMS for years. … Read more