Cool Cisco ACI Show Commands

Using username “admin”.Application Policy Infrastructure Controlleradmin@’s password:Last login: 2020-06-07T14:19:13.000+00:00 UTCapic1# After connecting to the CLI, press the tab key to list all possible commands: apic1#attach-ave configure export-config logit showattach-avs debug fabric passwd terminalbash end firmware reload triggercallhome eraseconfig import-config replace-controller whereclear exit lastloginapic1# apic1# show endpointsLegends:(P):Primary VLAN(S):Secondary VLANTotal Dynamic Endpoints: 0Total Static Endpoints: 0apic1#apic1# There … Read more Cool Cisco ACI Show Commands

Interesting Facts On VMware vSphere

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Ever wondered about software-defined data centers? Well I guess you experimented a bit with VMware Workstation sometime in your networking journey. If not, then I hope you have heard of VMware vSphere, because in the following short article I expose my study notes on the topic. Terminology Having experimented with VMware Workstation in my college … Read more Interesting Facts On VMware vSphere