Breathing is taken for granted and most people think it comes naturally and from the chest. In fact, I myself thought that the lungs push the chest upwards, which explains the chest movement up and down.

But as hard as we try to breathe the conventional way we tend to feel “tired” from breathing at the end of a work day. Well in fact if you are like me a network engineer or a person who is sitting for a long time in a desk/office, then you probably breathe in this way:


and you experience the following symptoms:

  • sense of culminated stress
  • sense of fatigue/drousiness at the end of the day
  • loss of appetite

Being fed up from getting “tired” from breathing, I decided to make a quick search. I found out our breathing mechanism is originally based on the belly, thus the name “belly breathing”.

Instead of thinking in an extreme way and quitting you job under the excuse that it damages your breathing pattern, you could teach your body how to breathe correctly by learning belly breathing techniques.

I enrolled in a breathing course developed by Michaël Bijker. In this bestseller I am learning some exercises to conscisouly reprogram my body to breathe correctly.


The course begins with the Full Body Breathing exercise. Here you learn to shift the breathing center from your shoulders to your belly. I just completed it and I felt relaxed and peaceful.

The exercise is perfomed by Michael himself accompanied by his narrative voice.

It is a complete 15 hours of breathing exercises that you can perform at your own pace. I intend to practice some of them especially after coming home from work, because during office work I forget to concentrate on my breathing. Therefore I unconsciously revert back to the false chest breathing.




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