Here are my study notes about Cisco AEP in ACI.

Attachable Access Entity Profile AEP: Definitions

The Attachable Access Entity Profile binds the logical tenant configuration to the physical fabric access policies. It can be vaguely compared to the CLI command “switchport trunk allowed vlan” in traditional switching. It is required for attaching external devices and servers to the ACI fabric.

The ACI AEP links the following ACI constructs together:

The network engineer should assign external devices and servers with similar infrastructure policy requirements should to the same AEP.

We can configure AAEP to be attached to:

  • only one domain (1:1 mapping)
  • to some domains, or
  • to all domains.

ACI AEP Configuration

go to Fabric -> Access Policies:


Then click on Policies -> Global -> Attachable Access Entity Profiles.

Right Click and choose Create Attachable Access Entity Profile


type a name and a description for your AEP:


I could add a domain here or skip this step, and I am not meaning a bridge domain, but rather one of the four ACI domain types.


I add the VLAN Pool 

I choose the domain to associate with:


Click Next. Then I choose my Interface Policy Group to which I associate the AEP. I must select All or Specific under Select Interfaces. The Interface Policy Group to be chosen must be already associated with a Leaf Switch Profile, otherwise it won’t appear in the below list:

Last, I click Finish.

Our AEP is now created and is seen under the list of Attachable Access Entity Profiles:


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