I wanted to see which courses on edX I’ve enrolled in in the past, and maybe resume one of them or enroll in a new one. I had a dozen of courses in my waiting list. Yeah I am still a fucking lazy ass. But maybe a course made by a reputable university could help me in some way.

I tried the first one. Not that interesting. Then I tried a second one. Sounded too theoretical.

I was skeptic the whole time. I could not withstand learning from an instructor who has no success track of records except his academic title. It’s like a filter I have in my brain. I am not making any prejudices. I simply tried some non-technical courses from edX and the like and was not satisfied with the results.

Or maybe my psychological filter got thick and allowed only hardcore stuff to circulate through; stuff from hardcore guys like David Goggins.

Here I am watching a recent Goggins clip and confirming for the Nth time, that this guy is a good example I could learn from.

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