Between around 7am and 4pm I did not eat or drink anything. I was busy working, driving from one site to another, lifting stuff, etc. I did not feel hunger, thirst or tiredness. But as soon as I left the office and took the metro, things started to fall down. I could not stand tall in the metro, I needed to lean against a wall, switch feet, try to take a quick nap. Arrived home, I first took a power nap then woke up in sweat.

After eating my lunch at around 4:35pm I started feeling weak, had shallow breaths and dragged my body forwards. Those were signs of physical and mental drain, a situation I can confirm by trying to measure how strong my fist is. If my fist is weak, then I’d better sit back and recover.

I have a certain level of headache now. Once again I skipped my workout. I had this situation not once in the past, where I struggled during the warm-up phase of Insanity Max 30 sessions. I even got sometimes more breaks during the warm-up that you would think I am just a fat ass trying to impress the audience by pretending he could do HIIT training.

I must impose the balance when I am at work, which means, I need to plan my work in a way that does not compromise my health patterns. I am not happy with the drowsiness I get after messing up my lunch time and water-drinking habits.

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